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Update your own user image

You can update your own user image by clicking My Info (or your name in upper banner) and then Update my info (or Update my user profile). In the user info form klick your possible current image or blue missing image marker to open the image form in a new window.

In the image form there is your possible current image or blue missing image marker in the left upper part. Below it you can Delete current image. Always when you delete current image or update a new image the previous current image will change to old verison. There can be only one old version and they will be removed automaticly every night. If there is an old version you can return it back to current image by Swap versions.

In the right side of form there is a camera. It requires that there is a web camera and Flash player installed in your computer . (Otherwise the area will stay empty.) The camera will first ask you to allow the use of webcam(*). When you see your own face in the camera, you can take a snpashot by clicking Capture. Then is you are satisfied with it you can Save it to your new current image. Or you can Reset the camera to take a new snapshot. (The saved image will be shrinked.)

You can also Upload a file to a new current image. Click the Browse.../Selaa.. button and select a file. then click Save. The image file should be about 100 pixels wide and 150 pixels high and rather in jpg format.

In the enb you can close the window by clicking Exit.

(*) When you Save the snapshot the form will reload and camera will ask for allowance again. You can avoid this repetition by right clickin the camera; selecting Settings... and then choosing Allow and Remember.

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