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Managing group memberships

Membership to a group can be accessed via this icon. The link and the page described below will only appear if you have permission to edit the memberships.

The page that opens will first have a table of memberships. (In the case of memberships for a particular user, the tables list the groups to which they belong - this guide describes the membership of a particular group in that group.) Members (*) are listed alphabetically by name.
The columns in the table are: consecutive number, user, role, email setting, edit icon, and check box. The contents of the main columns are described below:

(*) The table may also contain non-members, for example, retrieved by the search function at the bottom of the page


Below the table are more extensive functions, some of which apply to all members selected from the table. The first is the bottom three items with a radio button that you can only select one at a time.

If you select the check box under the radio buttons, all users selected in the table (regardless of membership) will also be printed in the next view, even if you move to another group, etc.

Search Functions

At the bottom of the page is the Search Users heading, which has very simple search functions underneath. (Give feedback if you want some more options here!) So the actions are to find users in the table at the top of the page, where they can then be joined as members of a group, for example.
In the text box you can enter the user's last name. You can use an asterisk * as a wildcard.
You can also choose whether or not to include the members of this group in the spreadsheet.
You can also choose to search for users based on membership in another group.


Click the OK button at the end of the page to complete all selected editing and search operations. If you move completely to another group, any search and editing functions that you have selected will not be performed on that group.

After the OK button, there is still an email icon that you can click to write an email message to all users selected in the checkbox. (The message goes directly to their email addresses, regardless of membership, and is not stored in the intranet, but you can choose to send yourself a copy!)

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