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Tietoja haetaan ja käsitellään, odota ole hyvä!
(KTK:n tiedotus- ja keskustelufoorumin ja tietokantatoimintojen alue.)

Tervetuloa KTK:n intra/ekstra -alueelle!

E-mail lists

Mail list addresses begin with "ktk-" and end with "_(at)_lists.oulu.fi".

You can find the addresses (and archives) of all lists from the left side index. Note also the Search function in the right tab.

Memberhips of lists are managed via this service (not in mail list server).

(Students, please, update your e-mail address in WebOODI - it shoul automaticly copy to KTK-intra and lists during the next night.)

This group or area does not have a maillist.

For more info mail to if-admin@iforum.oulu.fi