Department of Behavioral Sciences

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Address: University of Oulu, Department of Behavioral Sciences, P.O. Box 222, FIN-90571 Oulu, Finland
Tel. +358 8 553 1011 | Fax. +358 8 553 3600

The Department of Behavioral Sciences, founded in 1974, is a research and educational unit in the Faculty of Education of the University of Oulu.

The department has been experimenting with new forms of teaching and has developed a firm scientific basis for their use through theoretical and experimental analysis of teaching and learning processes. The goal is to give the students the opportunity to develop into high-level specialists in educational and social problems. This can be achieved through a multidisciplinary study programme in which the following disciplines are represented

The contents of the study programme range from experimental research to the analysis of social phenomena.

The starting point for the construction of a new kind of study programme has been provided by the unity of research, teaching/learning and the social task of education. The expertise in solving educational problems is achieved by the students through active participation in the research of the department. The following principles govern all planning of the study programmes:

  1. Creating profile through science: the studies must be based on the scientific and research profile of the department.
  2. Multidisciplinarity: the contents of the study programme are multidisciplinary and its structure is flexible in such a way that studies in other faculties and universities can be pursued in a flexible manner.
  3. Internationality: the studies pursued within the programme are integrated into international educational programmes, and the participation of students in these programmes is given special support.
  4. The principle of social learning: the teaching is carried out in cooperation between teachers and students working on the same project.

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