Spring-Summer 2001

Dear NCRB activists 
- in Murmansk, Severomorsk, Apatity, Polyarny Zori, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and at Troms°, Bod°, Luleň, Umeň, Rovaniemi, Oulu!

It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the very first IT-mediated pilot course, which will begin on International Women's Day, March 8, until early September 2001. Through the course, we will become part of the chain of women on the move on this special day, since the tradition began in Copenhagen in 1910.

In collaboration with the NCRB training work group, we have done our very best to compile an exciting and challenging programme to bring us all together both locally at the crisis centres, and transnationally on the Internet, and finally at the contact training course at Arkhangelsk in May-June 2001.

We hope that the memory work method will inspire us in reflecting on and exchanging our experiences as girls and women, in reaching out towards each other across the generations and across the Nordic and Russian borders. Another part of the course encouraging us to innovate deals with information technology. On the course, we will both be using and shaping the Internet, and we hope that when the course is over, we will all have learned a lot about why we should use the net and how to get the best from it. We are especially glad to be able to welcome to the NCRB net community the many new IT users in Norway and Russia. From today onwards, our home pages at Oulu and Arkhangelsk


will be a meeting place for all the crisis centres involved in NCRB.

Course planning has been going on since the latest training course at Luleň in October 2000. We are indebted to Pirjo Elovaara from Blekinge Institute of Technology who, thanks to ITDG Information Technology, Transnational Democracy & Gender network funding, worked as a guest researcher at Oulu last November and shared with us her enthusiasm and expertise on IT-mediated distance training. Last but not least, our thanks go to Kerstin Hńgg at Umeň University, Natalia Khodyreva at the Institute of Non-Discriminatory Gender Interrelations, St. Petersburg, and Vappu Sunnari at Oulu University for their valuable comments on the programme drafts.

Looking forward to an inspiring process, 
the NCRB project team at Oulu and Arkhangelsk, 

Aino Saarinen, Olga Liapounova, Maria Novikova,
Leena Terńs, Irina Balandina