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APROPOS - Multisectoral and Multidisciplinary Professional Specialization Programme and Network for Violence prevention -project has ended. Thank you for all the partners, people and organizations collaborating in the project and for the students taking part in the pilot!

Please follow the news about the APROPOS programme through Women's Studies website.

APROPOS project is a Daphne II project coordinated by Women's and Gender Studies, University of Oulu. The project aims to construct a national and international network of professionals working and dealing with questions of violence. The main result of the project will be a multisectoral and multidisciplinary specializing program for professional education and in-service training on violence and violence prevention.

The specializing program consists of courses that look at the topic from different angels such as violence in work, social care and health, violence in education and violence and peaceful, empowered environment. The specializing program will be piloted by the project partners and developed into a permanent educational program coordinated by the project organizations.

The project is coordinated by Women's and Gender Studies, University of Oulu. Women's studies, University of Oulu has been systematically doing research about sexualised and gendered violence and developing education material and courses. It has been coordinating and participating networks and projects in aim to develop measures combating violence regionally, nationally and internationally (see power point presentation).

Mervi Heikkinen
project coordinator

Suvi Pihkala
project assistant

Vappu Sunnari
permanent consultant,
chair of the coordination team



The project’s partners are well-established, organizations and experts on the project’s thematic field: