Introduction - ALLIES project

The ALLIES project focuses closely on issues of non-violence, security and equity in school, attending to the perspectives of parents and the student welfare team. ALLIES discusses caring specifically as a pedagogical possibility and aims to introduce an approach including:  

  • A holistic, multimodal, community-based programme concentrating on the early recognition of violence.
  • Intervention activities that respond to the violence hidden behind the normalised activities of everyday life; for instance, to violence masqueraded in humour, in social play, in messing around, in exclusion, and in normalised, often sexualised name-calling.
  •  Gender-sensitive interventions: a need exists for interventions that conceptualise gender violence not only as violence against girls and women, but also as violence concerning boys, specifically addressing how some boys are diminished, excluded, or visibly violated due to their non-hegemonic or counter-hegemonic constructions of their masculinities.
  • Attending to the needs of disabled and transcultural children.
  • Finally, increasing awareness of these issues among adults in and around school who are involved in the lives of schoolchildren.

During the project, an international team of experts have contributed to the construction of non-violent preventive measures to be piloted in preschool classes in Oulu, Parma, and Reykjavik. Pedagogical approaches such as Hjalli have been applied as part of the pedagogy.  

Educational materials for teachers have been developed and integrated into the “From Violence to Caring Study Programme”, an international, multisectoral, web-based specialisation programme for violence prevention (25 ECTS) designed during the previous DAPHNE projects.

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