Challenges and Development Work on Structural Level

Values such as the wellbeing of the children, communality, equalityy, creativity, joy, safe learning and growth, as well as collaborative learning among children and staff, are crucial to violence prevention in educational institutions. An example of structural level work created by the Allies project to promote the implementation of these values in practice can be found in this example of Communality in Ritaharju.

In Finland, where this project was coordinated, there has been a tendency in the last decade to build large community centers in which the school and daycare center are located. At the same time, the number of small village schools has diminished. Community centers house not only school and daycare under the same roof, but also youth services and libraries, for instance. One of the school partners in Allies is this kind of new community center, called Ritaharju.  

Work at the organizational level is important from the viewpoint of violence prevention, as we believe that organizational questions do not only radiate but are also a prerequisite for the wellbeing of children: if the organizational level functions in a way that is based on ideas of equity and non-violence, knowledge can be shared freely, and children have enough safe, capable and healthy adults around them. Simultaneously, respectful cooperation between the adults works as a model for children. On the structural level, ALLiES has cooperated with the MätaJämt project.

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