All three questionnaires can be used to chart children’s wellbeing and emotions: Cuddle, Smiley and Healthcare Checklist are created to increase teachers’ and parents’ awareness of the wellbeing, social interaction and different forms of violence that children may face in daycare or school. In order to prevent all kinds of violence, it is important to intervene in any mischief before it turns into systematic bullying, and the screening tools will be helpful in this respect.

Cuddle, Smiley and Healthcare Checklist are linked to each other by the aim of finding out if any mistreatment has taken place. Cuddle is meant for parents and children to chart mistreatment and to discuss social situations in a peer group with the child. Smiley is a practical tool for teachers and children to chart emotions and safety at preschool, home and on the way to school. Healthcare Checklist is directed especially at school nurses and counsellors, but teachers can also use it to discover possible violence at school and at home. These are all practical tools for early intervention. If intervention is needed, it is crucial to do multi-professional work and cooperation with homes. 

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